Telephone Support Line 0800 092 7640

Available Monday to Friday 9.00am-5.00pm

Telephone Support Line 0800 092 7640

Available Monday to Friday 9.00am-5.00pm

Telephone Support Line 0800 092 7640

Available Monday to Friday 9.00am-5.00pm

You may wish to fundraise yourself, with family and friends or within your local group. Whatever the idea, be it large or small, we know you will have a great time raising vital funds for Big C.

Did you know we have 12 charity shops across Norfolk including a dedicated Craft Supplies Shop, Furniture Emporium, Bridal and a high-end fashion Boutique? We are always looking for high quality donations.


We are always looking for volunteers including in our Support Centres, shops and at our Fundraising events. Volunteering is a great way to spend some free time, meet new people, and gain experience.

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Leia’s Blog: How to approach sorting and donating in the current climate

Leia’s Blog: How to approach sorting and donating in the current climate

Here at Big C, we understand how difficult it has been being cooped up inside over the past few months.

A lot of you have used this time to break out the rubber gloves and feather dusters to have a good deep house clean. Or, for some of you, having the kids at home or working from home has meant you’ve not yet had the time to have a proper sort through.

Whether you’ve already begun to sort, or are just looking to start, here is our guide on how to have a good tidy and what to do with those unwanted items and goods you’ve cleared out!

Where do I begin?

Start by making a to-do list. Having a big clean can be extremely overwhelming. If you make a list and separate your sorting on a room-by-room basis, you may find the process easier to handle. It is also worth noting that just because you start something, don’t feel the pressure to finish it all in a day. Life can get in the way, and you may find the process less stressful if you do a different room each day and separate your sorting out throughout the week.

I’ve started to sort, but I’m finding it hard to know how to let go of items, how do I detach myself? 

A good way to access whether or not to keep an item, is to put it against the ‘how long has it been since I’ve last used it?’ test.

If it’s been over a year and you’ve passed a whole 12 months and through multiple seasons and still haven’t used it, it might be time to pass it along. It is always hard to let go of loved items, but if you can’t see a use for it, it might be worth thinking about how happy it could make someone else, and what good your donation could do for charity.

How do I know which bits are good enough to donate?  

On your cleaning journey, you very may well find some clothes that are too big or too small but still in great condition. You may have found books that you never quite got round to finishing or never fully got into. Now that our Big C shops have re-opened, we would be happy to give your sorted items a new home, but we would prefer to get items that are clean or in good quality.

In the most simple terms, we would prefer clean items, hardly or gentlyed used, or that are high quality (they don’t have to be unused, but they should be to a standard that people would still love to buy and use it). Examples of items that might not be useful to us at this time would be ones with a stain or rip, items that are bobbly or damaged, and items that have been a bit too preloved for us to be able to sell on or use.

We are grateful for any donation, big or small, but for them to be of most use to us and our customers we would prefer them to be clean and of a good standard to sell. If you can donate items like this, it makes our jobs easier and ensures your donation will go to good use.

How do I donate items in the current climate?

Now that our shops have re-opened, we would be happy to accept your donations.

Our Distribution Centre/Furniture and Craft Emporium outside of Wymondham and our shop on Magdalen Street in Norwich re-opened on Monday 6 July, and will operate Monday to Saturday from 10am-4pm for the foreseeable future.

All of our other shops re-opened on Wednesday 8 July, and every Wednesday going forwards will be open from 10-1 for public donations drop-off only. During our our new hours of operation, you can drop off items outside your local shop, and a staff member in PPE will be there to collect your donation and see it has been safely received.

If you wish to add gift aid to you donation, it would be helpful if you could attach your gift aid number or postcode and last name to your donation when you drop it off. Otherwise, staff will still be on hand to collect those details from you and also be there if you wish to sign up for gift aid (a UK tax initiative which means for every £1 sold, our charity will receive an extra 25p from the government under the scheme).

What happens to my donations once I drop them off?

Once we have your donations, they will be quarantined at our main warehouse. Once they have undergone an isolation period, we can then safely sort and steam your donations and prepare them for sale once our shops are operational again!

Stay safe and happy sorting! We are looking forward to receiving your donations, and we can’t wait to see you in our shops again soon.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to send us an email at

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