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Big C is here to help you work through the maze of cancer information and navigate the path ahead. Browse our useful resources below.
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Addenbrooke’s Hospital Cambridge

Addenbrooke’s Hospital is part of the Cambridge University Hospitals family, which also includes The Rosie. It is an internationally renowned large teaching hospital with strong affiliations to the University of Cambridge.

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Cancer and exercise

Keeping active before, during and after cancer treatment can help both your physical and mental health. Taking regular exercise has so many benefits including helping to reduce fatique, improving mood and positivity, increasing strength, balance and mobility as well as helping to maintain independence.

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Cancer and loneliness

Living with cancer can at times bring with it lots of different emotions, which can include feelings of anxiety and uncertainty. For many, even those with a large family and broad friendship circle, cancer can feel lonely. 

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Cancer and nutrition

Eating and drinking a balanced diet and maintaining a healthy weight before, during and after cancer treatment can help your body to cope with the treatment better, fight off infections and reduce the risk of chronic health conditions developing.

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Cancer and your appearance

Going through cancer treatment can often bring with it changes in your body and appearance. We know this can be an unsettling time but we’re here to help you through this time of change.

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Cancer in the workplace

With more than 8000 people diagnosed with cancer every year across our region, there are few employers who are not affected by cancer in some way. Big C can help support you and your teams.

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Care for a palliative diagnosis

When you are diagnosed as ‘palliative’, it means that the cancer cannot be cured, but with the right treatments and support, your symptoms and side effects can be kept under control to help you continue living your life as normally as possible. 

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Cromer Hospital

Cromer and District Hospital (part of the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust) is based in Cromer on the north coast and provides services to the population of North Norfolk.

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Help with headwear

Cancer treatment affects everyone in different ways, and how your hair is affected depends on the type of treatment you have. Your health care team will explain any physical changes such as hair loss and what to expect from your personal treatment regime.

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Ipswich Hospital

Ipswich Hospital (part of the East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust) is based in the outskirts of Ipswich and provides services to the town and surrounding areas. 

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James Paget University Hospital

The James Paget Hospital (JPH) is our leading NHS University Hospital on the east coast of Norfolk.

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Look Good Feel Better Workshops

Look Good Feel Better is a charity that runs workshops across the UK helping men and women cope with the physical and emotional side effects of cancer treatment. Sessions are available in-person and online.

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