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HILL bereavement support group

Our bereavement group is part of the HILL bereavement support (Help in Loss of Loved Ones), initially formed in memory of Andrew Hill from King’s Lynn, with funds raised by his family and friends.

The bereavement support group guides you through the grieving process, by offering an opportunity to share experiences with others going through a similar situation.

With groups in Great Yarmouth, King’s Lynn and Norwich, you can take part in a group near to you.

If you would like to find out more about the group, please fill out the form below, call 0800 092 7640 or email support@big-c.co.uk.
Great Yarmouth

4th Thursday of the month

10 – 11.30am

King’s Lynn

3rd Friday of the month

10 – 11.30am

Norwich (City)

1st Tuesday of the month

10 – 11.30am

Who is the group for?

The bereavement group is for anyone following the loss of a loved one. As the group is part of the HILL Bereavement support, it means that our team can work with you and ensure you receive the right support, whether that’s attending the group, or having 1:1 sessions or counselling.

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What happens in the group?

The Big C facilitator, experienced in grief and loss, will help you understand the grieving process, offering a safe environment to express and explore your loss. The group looks at areas such as planning ahead, loneliness, anniversaries, birthdays, resilience building and mindfulness.

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If you would like to come along to a bereavement support group session, get in touch below to find out more.

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