Masquerade Ball for Big C

Geraldine and her husband Tony have organised a Masquerade Ball to raise money for Big C.

Big C has been close to their hearts for years and we spoke to Geraldine to understand her reason behind organising what is expected to be a fantastic event at Assembly House, Norwich on 28th October.

The event is going to be a spectacular evening of music and magic, including a welcome drink, close-up magic and an on-stage show by Magic Ed Crafer, live music by local legends Ebb Tide and a disco, a scrumptious meal will also be served to our guests. The whole evening will be hosted by the beautiful and talented Laura Landamore. It’s a Masquerade Ball so we are hoping people will embrace the fact that it is nearly Halloween and let their imaginations run wild with the costumes!

My husband Tony organised a truly amazing party which should have been in February 2021 but due to covid and issues at the venue eventually happened in 2023. It was incredible and after what everyone has been through in the last few years and was very much welcomed by all the guests. So, we decided that the world needed more parties, more reasons to celebrate! It got us thinking, what better reason to get together and have a party than to raise money for charity.  We aim to produce an event that everyone is glad they got involved in and hope to raise a good amount of money in the process. 

Why Big C? That was the easy part. There are many things that we are passionate about, climate change and homelessness being two we give a lot of support to. But cancer has affected everyone I know. My first experience was my Grandad, who was diagnosed with cancer when I was about 7. I was baffled. At the time I had only heard of lung cancer and thought you had to smoke to get that.  I later learned he had prostate cancer.  Tony’s mum died of lung cancer when he was in his 20s and my sister is a breast cancer survivor. On 5th August this year, my ex-husband and father of my children passed away following complications of his treatment for bone and blood cancer which started in his prostate.. We were divorced 16 years ago but remained good friends. I would have liked to have him around a bit longer. 

Cancer is an inevitable part of life, but research is improving people’s outcomes and life expectancy all the time. It doesn’t have to be a death sentence. Big C offers support and care to people with a diagnosis and their families and takes part in valuable research to keep people together longer.

I would say to anyone who’s considering donating; One day you or someone you love will need this support. Help to make sure it’s there.

A huge thank you to Geraldine and Tony for organising this event and we wish them well with the evening. If you would like to find out more or join them, please visit the web link below.


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We fund vital, world-class research to help prevent, diagnose and treat cancer.

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