John & Sue’s story

It was through Support Worker, Adelle that John and Sue came across Big C, and became regular faces at the Norwich Support Centre, based in the grounds of the Norfolk & Norwich Hospital.

This is their patient story…

“It was through Adelle, who visited John in hospital that we found the Big C and it was truly a life saver for us both and particularly for my husband who had undergone a radical twelve and a half hour operation for oral cancer.

Adelle visited John in the hospital and told him all about the Big C and explained that it was there for both of us, so once the radiotherapy began we visited everyday to rest and recuperate before the journey home which for us was almost an hour and a half. The people there were so welcoming, kind, helpful and supportive and also prepared to listen, they helped us both to come to terms with what had happened.

The hospital visit was extremely important because for John, who was shell shocked by it all, meeting someone who understood how he felt and was able to also make him laugh despite the tracheostomy and only being able to communicate by writing, was a truly up-lifting experience.”

I cannot emphasise enough how much the Big C made a difference, thank goodness we found it.



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