Richard James Sweet

Richard James Sweet
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Lesley Jurd£10.0026/12/2017
A Christmas message for my wonderful sailor husband - our 6th Christmas apart and I love and miss you just as much now as the day I lost you - always and forever. Your sailor girl. xxxx 26/12/17

Lesley Jurd£10.0023/12/2016
My dearest Richard, I can't believe this is the 5th Christmas I've had to spend without you. I miss you so much every day. I miss our little bi-annual ritual of staying awake until midnight on Christmas Eve so that we could exchange one of our small presents to each other before we cuddled up under the duvet. together. This Christmas Day I'll go for a walk on Southwold beach with Chel, Vince and our new little grandson Luke (who I know you would adore as much as I do), then we're going to Julian's for Christmas dinner. I love being with them all but I still feel so lonely inside without you. You're the most special, funny, clever and handsome sailor in the world, and I'll always be yours. Love you for ever. Lesley xxxxxx 23/12/2016

Lesley Jurd£10.0028/07/2016
28th July 2016. My wonderful husband Richard, today would be our 14th wedding anniversary. I was the happiest person alive when we married and heartbroken to lose you so soon, before our 10th anniversary. Life without you is lonely and hard but I know we will be together again some day, and then nothing can part us. Love you for ever. Lesley xxxxxx

Lesley Jurd£10.0027/07/2016
For my lovely husband Richard on your 60th birthday. LYMYWY for ever my love. Lesley xxxxx

Lesley Jurd£10.0031/05/2016
31/5/16. For my Richard. I can't believe it will be 4 years on 3rd June that I had to say goodbye to you. It's gone so quickly but seems endless. I think of you every day and go over and over the memories of our 21 years together, memories we can't share until we meet again. You know I'll be in Antibes on the 3rd, may even get to Le Trayas that day if the trains are running (yes, I know you'd have a rueful smile on your face!) because then I can be right where you were 8 years ago, looking at the same beautiful view). This time only 4 of us are going because your beautiful 8 day old grandson has kept his mum and dad at home. You'd love him, just like you loved being a granddad to our other grandchildren. Miss you my love. Love you always. Lesley xxxxx

Lesley Jurd£10.0014/02/2016
My lovely husband Ricahrd. Today is Valentines Day 14th February 2016 and it's a Sunday, the special day we share. Fourteen years ago today you asked me to marry you. How lucky I was to have you for my Valentine. I will never stop loving you and I know you are waiting for me. I miss you my love. Lesley xxxx

Lesley Jurd£10.0002/01/2016
New Year 2016. My dearest Richard. I missed you at Christmas and miss you at the start of yet another year apart. Even though I have the family around me I feel lonely without you, my husband, lover, best friend and soul mate. All I want is for us to be together again and until then I will hold you close in my heart. Love you always. Lesley xxxxx

Lesley Jurd£10.0001/08/2015
27 July 2015 was your 59th birthday. Pam was staying in the apartment in Cowes with me and I took the card I wrote to you (one of your photographs I had made into a card) and a single sunflower down to the beach in East Cowes below the camp site where we use to pitch our tent. You would have laughed as it was quite rough and the tide was coming in so the card and flower kept getting pushed back onto the beach! I treasure all your birthdays that we spent together my love. 28 July - would have been our 13th wedding anniversary. One of the best things that ever happened to me was you asking me to marry you. How lucky I was and what a fantastic weekend we had together with our families. I look at the photos and watch the videos and I just wish you were still here with me celebrating these special times together. I miss you and feel so sad and lonely without you. I will love you for ever my wonderful husband and I know we will be together again. Lesley xxxxxx

Lesley Jurd£10.0025/05/2015
25/05/2015. My dearest Richard, here we are again, it's almost the anniversary of the day you lost your fight for life, 3rd June 2012, on my birthday. Three years! How can it be that long when it seems like only yesterday? My life is very lonely without you and I cry a lot because I miss you so much. You were deprived of life far too early and you went through a horrible, horrible time for the 14 months you were ill. As usual I will be back in Antibes for our anniversary, with Pam, Chel, Vince (who you never got to meet), Vicki, Paul and James. We'll walk the ramparts, watch the classic yachts in the port where you and I sailed all those years ago, and sit on the same balcony where we sat in 2008, drinking rose in your honour and eating prawns just like we did before. Such happy memories of our adventures around the Cote d'Azur! Our love is so strong that death has not parted us, just kept us at a distance for a time. One day I will join you, so keep waiting for me my sexy sailor. Love you for ever and ever. Your wifey, Lesley xxxxxxxxx

Lesley Jurd£10.0014/02/2015
Valentines Day 14 February 2015. My own wonderful Valentine, you are in my heart for ever. Tonight I will play the Simon and Garfunkel CD you gave me for our last Valentines Day together and if I close my eyes I can imagine you are still here with me. Love you always. Lesley xxxxx

Lesley Jurd£25.0024/12/2014
To Richard, my wonderful husband, lover, best friend and soul mate at Christmas. You will be in my thoughts and my heart tomorrow as you are every single day. I miss your love, your smile, your voice, your quirky sense of humour and most of all I just miss you being here with me. One day we will be reunited my love. I can't buy you Christmas presents any more but I can donate in your memory. All my love for ever. Lesley xxxxxxx 24/12/2014

Lesley Jurd£25.0025/07/2014
Memories of my lovely husband Richard on your 58th birthday on 27th July 2014 and our 12th wedding anniversary on 28th July. I will love you and hold you in my heart for ever. Lesley xxxxx

Lesley Jurd£10.0026/05/2014
Well my darling husband, almost another year has passed - I can't believe it will be 2 years on 3rd June. I will be in Antibes again with the family, going to the places we used to go, eating the same food, drinking rose and sharing memories of our adventures on the Cote d'Azur. We will fly your Merchant Navy Ensign from the balcony and toast you with champagne. We'll visit Le Trayas where you wanted to take me but we never made it, and we'll sit on the terrace overlooking the sea and talk of you. I will love you always and one day I will be with you again. Lesley xxxx 26/5/2014

Lesley Jurd£10.0014/02/2014
St Valentines Day 2014. My handsome sailor; 12 years ago today you proposed to me and 5 months later we married on a beautiful July day, surrounded by our ly and friends. Life couldn't have been better for us could it? Now I carry those memories in my heart. You were all I ever wanted. Death has not parted us and our special love will last forever. Love you to bits. Lesley xxxx

Lesley Jurd£25.0025/12/2013
Christmas Day 2013. I can't believe this is my 2nd Christmas without you here. We will drink a toast to you my darling and today as every day you will be in my thoughts and in my heart. One day we will be together again and there will be no more Christmases apart. I love you always. Lesley xxxxxxx

Michele Easter£10.0011/12/2013
Love you loads Dad and miss you in my life everyday. Life is not the same without you here. Xxxx

Lesley Jurd£10.0027/07/2013
For my dearest Richard on your 57th birthday. Thinking of you and missing you always today and every day. With all my love, Lesley xxxxxx LY MY WY

Lesley Jurd£10.0024/05/2013
My very special husband. On 3rd June 2013 it will be one year since you died and I miss you more than ever. I will be in Antibes where we spent so many happy times together. One day we will sail together again just as we used to do. I will love you always. Lesley xxxxxxx

Lesley Jurd£10.0027/03/2013
Remembering my much loved and missed hubby at Easter. Wifey xxxxx

Lesley Jurd£10.0012/02/2013
Remembering my special Valentine with all my love forever

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