Support Groups

Support groups are so important for cancer patients and their families. They can provide specialist support, advice and guidance from people just like you, people who are living with cancer, whether affected themselves or caring for a loved one. Many feel that they cannot talk to their nearest and dearest at such a time as they worry about upsetting them or just feel they can't talk. For some, talking to those who are experiencing the same journey is a great comfort.
As well as this, support groups help provide a voice for local people affected by cancer and are a way of empowering communities (however they are defined) who have felt the impact of cancer. 
Support groups help provide important support for people but can also be key to patient and public involvement, with their feedback and input shaping existing and future services. Support groups can also be vital fundraising groups, who can use their local knowledge to raise funds for cancer services in their local area. 
Big C works with local support groups to assist them in their work and make sure people who need them know about the groups they can access.
If you'd like to find out about the different support groups please call 01603 286112 or email or pop into the Norwich Big C Centre

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