Can I have sex if I’ve got cancer? Will cancer kill me? Can men really get breast cancer? How will I pay the bills if I have to stop work for treatment? Grab a drink and join in the #CancerConversations.
What is #CancerConversations?
Many find talking about cancer a challenging subject and understandably so. Which is why we’ve created #CancerConversations to help people talk openly, share views and ask questions. In particular, we’re keen to encourage younger people and men in our region to talk about cancer and access the help they need.
Find out more about the support available to you and your loved ones, talk to others in a similar boat or simply debate the issues. Simply jump on the hashtag on Twitter and follow us @BigCTweets, Facebook.com/bigccharity and Instagram @bigccharity.

Free Cancer Services in Norfolk
Chaps – don’t bottle up your cancer health issues. We can help support you through your treatment. You can access a wide range of free services at one of our local support centres in Norwich, Gt Yarmouth, King’s Lynn and Gorleston including:
Men’s Cancer Support Groups
Join one of our cancer support groups to share experiences at the Great Yarmouth and King's Lynn Centres for men who are living with and beyond cancer. An informal, non-judgemental, open environment where men can share their experiences of cancer and support each other.
Financial and Welfare Advice

A range of welfare advice is available with a specialist adviser, helping you sort the practicalities so you can concentrate on getting better. We offer practical advice and information on benefits, loans, housing, employment issues, travel expenses, childcare, blue badge applications, help with form filling and much more.
Complementary Therapies
We provide a range of complementary therapies in our Big C Centres. If you are a cancer patient, you and one carer can have up to six sessions each of:
•       Reflexology
•       Massage 
•       Reiki* 
We also offer relaxation classes as well as nutritional workshops.
Please contact your nearest Big C Centre to for availability and to book an appointment.
*Reiki is a relaxation technique that was developed in Japan in the early 20th Century that looks to relieve stress and tension, helping with a person's overall physical and emotional wellbeing.
Complementary therapies are provided as part of Big C support services, not as an alternative to conventional treatment.
Available for both you and your family. Counselling is a more structured form of support than that offered by regular staff and volunteers at the Big C Centres and Support Hubs. It may be appropriate when things seem so overwhelming that your usual ways of coping don't appear to help.
We can offer up to six sessions each for a patient and one significant carer. The time and day can be arranged individually.
Contact your local centre today:
Norwich - 01603 286112 or cancer.information@nnuh.nhs.uk
Great Yarmouth - 01493 855297 or yarmouthcentre@big-c.co.uk
King's Lynn - 01553 818737 or kingslynncentre@big-c.co.uk
The Louise Hamilton Centre, Gorleston - 01493 453100
All services are free of charge thanks to Big C supporters. To find out how to support Big C click here.


Havin’ a yarn over a pint
As part of the research for #CancerConversations a team from the Big C went out into a few pubs in and round Norwich to ask a few questions about drinkers’ experiences of cancer. The questions included if cancer was ever a talking point, if they made connections between lifestyle and diet and cancer and also how often they checked for unusual bumps:

Above: Father and Son Aaron and Callum. 

Aaron Mooney from Surrey, lost his mother to breast cancer when he was 45 and his mother in law died of cancer in her 70s. With a daughter, the family openly speak about cancer and are super vigilant about checking. He regularly undertakes body checks in the areas he can. Drinking his first beer in six weeks, he thinks it is a forgone conclusion that lifestyle contributes to cancer and believes people are increasingly making the connection.
His son Callum, an environmental studies student at UEA, aged 18, has grown up sharing cancer conversations at home and with close friends. The family history makes him aware and vigilant about regularly checking. He says he is questioning his lifestyle, habits, how much exercise he takes, pollution levels in the atmosphere and things he might need to give up that deteriorate his body.
In Norfolk pubs this summer
Showcasing in 280 Norfolk and Waveney Adnams pubs this summer, the Big C will be displaying #CancerConversations posters and drip mats featuring five different everyday questions about cancer to help combat myths and raise awareness of some important issues.
On the reverse is the answer and the opportunity to support Big C through a text donation of £3, less than the cost of a pint.

#cancerconversations will be running throughout our social media, so join in the discussion, give us your views using the hashtag and follow Big C on Twitter (@bigctweets), Facebook.com/bigccharity and Instagram @bigccharity.


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Join the conversation today
Find out more about the support available to you and your loved ones, talk to others in a similar boat or simply debate the issues. Simply jump on the hashtag on Twitter and follow us @BigCTweets, Facebook.com/bigccharity and Instagram @bigccharity. Alternatively contact us on 01603 619900 or email enquiries@big-c.co.uk


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