Prostate cancer trial

Trialling a new therapy for localised prostate cancer

Autumn 2007

£12,000 to the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital for help with the costs of a trial into a new treatment for prostate cancer.

Treatments for localised prostate cancer include radical prostatectomy and radical radiotherapy. Patients who fail radiotherapy are at high risk of complications after surgery.  Until recently most patients were started on long-term androgen deprivation therapy (ADT), which involves significant side effects and only controls the disease until the cancer becomes insensitive to androgen.

Targeted cryoablation of prostate cancer (TCAP) offers a treatment which freezes the entire prostate and the cancer with the intention of a cure. Because it is minimally invasive it allows treatment with a 23hr hospital stay.

The grant provides additional support to complete an existing trial studying the various aspects of this technique.  Backing from the Norfolk & Waveney Prostate Cancer Support Group and Prostate Research Campaign UK was used for the initial stages of the trial.

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