Oesophageal cancer

AMPK in cancer of the oesophagous

Autumn 2007

£35,346 to the School of Medicine, Health Policy and Practise at UEA for a 1 year project to investigate oesophageal cancer.

Previous studies on oesophageal cancer cells grown in the laboratory have shown that an enzyme called AMPK can stop the cells growing.  The details of how this works are not known but activating AMPK might be an important new way to treat and prevent this cancer.

This project will examine the activity of AMPK in healthy, cancerous, and pre-cancerous oesophageal cells, using compounds that activate or inhibit AMPK to work out how it controls cancer cells.  It is hoped that this will give a better understanding of what makes these cells grow and survive and will indicate whether AMPK is a good target for drug development.

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