Big C Sponsored Professor

Appointment of a Professor of Cancer Genetics

Autumn 2011

Big C has provided funding for the Norwich Medical School at the UEA for the appointment of a Professor of Cancer Genetics.
Colin Cooper is a leading cancer genetics researcher, who previously worked at the Royal Marsden Hospital in London.  At UEA he will be developing trials with the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, including work to develop a simple urine test that can diagnose prostate cancer.  He will also be working with the Genome Analysis Centre at the Norwich Research Park, looking at genetic changes in cancer patients.  

A Norfolk boy himself, Professor Cooper was tempted back to Norwich to work alongside Big C, partly because of the Norwich Research Park.  He said, “it has a number of unique facilities that are relevant to cancer research that nowhere else in the world has, let alone the UK”. 
As well as the Genome Analysis Centre and the UEA, the Park is home to the John Innes Centre and the Institute for Food Research, which provide a focus for current groundbreaking research into cancer and nutrition. 

Colin Cooper talks about cancer research in Norwich on BBC News.

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