Limiting tumour size

Regulating tumour blood supply and growth

Autumn 2011

£107,478 to the School of Biological Sciences at UEA for a 3 year project to investigate tumour blood supply.

Without their own blood supply, tumours can only grow to a limited size.  Once they develop their own blood supply through a process called angiogenesis, their ability to grow and spread is greatly increased. Improving the understanding of this process may help to develop better therapies to limit tumour growth and spread of cancer cells.

This project will look at 2 molecules involved in angiogenesis - ανβ3 and NRP1.  Previous cancer therapy directed only at ανβ3 has shown limited benefit to patients with cancer.  New drugs that target NRP1 are entering clinical trials.

Previous research has shown that ανβ3 controls the participation of NRP1 in angiogenesis. The project will explore how the two molecules interact to regulate angiogenesis, and look at how targeting ανβ3 or NRP1 (or both simultaneously) can form the basis of more effective cancer treatment.

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