Leukaemia treatment

Treating acute myeloid leukaemia in older patients
Winter 2014

£54,399 to the School of Medicine at UEA for a 1 year project investigating the use of ibrutinib to treat AML.

AML (acute myeloid leukaemia) is a cancer characterised by an accumulation of cells within bone marrow. It is primarily a disease of the elderly. In younger patients, survival rates have improved over the last 20-30 years but there is little evidence of a similar improvement in those over 65. Older patients can be less tolerant of intensive chemotherapy, and so this age group has a particular need for better treatments with reduced side effects. 

Ibrutinib is a drug used in the treatment of some blood cancers, which works by inhibiting a protein called BTK that is involved in cell development. This project will investigate the use of ibrutinib in the treatment of AML, with a particular focus on identifying which patients would most benefit from its use.

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