Influence of maspin on prostate cancer cells

Investigation into the impact of a tumour suppressor on prostate cancer cells

Autumn 2007

£48,787 to the School of Biological Sciences at UEA to investigate the impact of a tumour suppressor on prostate cancer cells.
A greater understanding of how cancer cells behave will allow development of targeted therapies.  One potential target is a protein called maspin which is known to be a tumour suppressor that influences the cell functions involved in the spread of cancer to new areas of the body. 

This study continues existing work to study the impact of maspin in prostate cancer and combines it with a new approach.  Firstly the project aims to determine which part(s) of maspin are critical for its biological functions.  Secondly it will address how the production of maspin comes to be “switched off” in prostate cancer.  Both of these approaches will provide insights that could lead to novel prostate cancer therapies.

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