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Imaging equipment

High-resolution 3D imaging

Spring 2009

£47,795 to the School of Biological Sciences at the University of East Anglia for the purchase of a new stereomicroscope that will enable imaging of 3D tumour models.

Inhibition and/or alteration of tumour blood vessel supply are promising strategies to combat cancer in combination with standard therapies that tackle the tumour cells directly. Previous studies used cells grown in a Petri dish to produce 2D models that identify general mechanisms. The development of 3D cell culture models mimics the living situation of cells in a much better way.
These more complex models have raised the need for more sophisticated microscopic tools to understand them.

This grant will provide a powerful stereomicroscope with unique capacities to show the distribution of different fluorescent dyes, detecting individual molecules or cells. The ability of the software to generate 3D reconstructions further improves the description of cells in a tissue-like environment. The device generates significantly more image information and efficiency in the laboratory and will be an invaluable tool for future studies.

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