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Analytical software for data analysis

Software for analysis and statistics in real time

Spring 2008

£6,380 to the School of Biological Sciences at UEA for the purchase of new software for data analysis.
In the past 7 years virtually every aspect of cancer research at the UEA has been underpinned by studying the behaviour of genes using a technique called real-time PCR.  As this technology has advanced, the results have become more difficult to process.
Sophisticated analytical tools have become all the more necessary with the advent of new equipment that enables the analysis of 384 genes in a single 2 hour reaction.

This grant will allow the purchase of new software designed to give deeper insights into the vast amounts of data generated. This will reduce the time spent on manual analysis and will ensure that vital results that may have clinical relevance are not missed.  This package will greatly improve research into the biology of cancer and the identification of patients most at risk from the disease.

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