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Ted Round




Oesophageal Cancer

What happened

Ted lost his wife Maggie to Oesophageal Cancer in 2006, and then in 2010 he lost his son. This is his story:

In June 2005, Maggie was diagnosed with cancer of the oesophagus. She was having problems swallowing food initially and it was thought to be acid stomach. After an endoscopy, a hiatus hernia was discovered and biopsies revealed it was cancer. She then underwent chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments, but she became very weak, and had to return to hospital in early 2006. During her time at the hospital, we used the Big C Centre at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital between appointments. In late March, Maggie contracted pneumonia after having a stent fitted, and a month later she was rushed back to hospital. By April 19th, she seemed a lot brighter, managing to eat a meal and phoned me in the evening. At midnight that night, I received a phone call from the hospital to tell me that Maggie was having trouble breathing. At 3.50am, I lost her.

In her honour, I set up at tribute fund, for which I try to regularly raise money. My family and friends help enormously and we all get involved with fundraising. The family received a lot of help and support from the charity and it’s a way to pay back.

I am fiercely passionate about Big C so I fundraise as often as I can, and since 1974 have regularly donated blood. In March 2007, I was presented with a badge to recognise my support and donations to the National Blood Service. I even received a cheque from the nurses from the Norwich Blood Service for £116 who’d fundraised on behalf of Maggie’s tribute fund!

After losing Maggie in 2006, I devastatingly lost my son Simon four years later. Since then, I have had more reason to vigorously fundraise for Big C to support a local charity that is close to my heart. It keeps the memory alive and helps this local cause. I don’t think any of us are looking for a pat on the back. It’s about Big C and what they do.

To date, we have raised £15,230.94 for Big C in Maggie’s tribute fund. My target was £15,000 but I’m not going to stop now. Back in 2006, I shaved my fine head of hair and moustache, but I try to regularly put out collection tins, my granddaughter Emma, her husband Dean and their family organise Fun Days to raise money (with thanks to Ian Bartlett, a close family friend), we sell goods at markets and organise other lots of other fundraising events. When Big C calls at a moment’s notice to come and hold a collection tin outside a supermarket, I’m there whatever the weather.

Our Clacton Volunteers - Dean, Emma, Barbara and Terry, fundraising at Silver Dawn Holiday Park


Ted, and his family and friends organise events at many places including the Chester (Silver Dawn) Holiday Park.


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