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What happened

I was diagnosed with skin cancer on the tip of my nose. I had no idea there was anything wrong so it came as a shock to my family and me.

Normally patients would be operated on, then wait while doctors analysed what they’d removed, often returning for further operations whilst living with the trauma of a cavity on their face. All of this whilst not knowing if all of the cancerous cells had been removed. Thanks to Big C funded Mohs equipment, I had one operation and went straight to the plastic surgeon. It meant such a lot - especially as a woman.

Of course I was worried about the operation. How much would they take away? What would I look like afterwards? A week after surgery the dressing fell off and I caught sight of it in the mirror. I found that hard and sobbed; a mixture of fear, relief and shock. But it’s healed so well and I’m grateful that I was able to have such life-changing equipment here, in my local hospital.

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