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Big Cycle (formerly Holkham Cycle Ride)


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The parking fee was introduced by Holkham Hall as a result of a review of their charity policy - parking charges can be redeemed in the Café or Gift Shop and any unredeemed tickets can be returned to us and then Holkham Estate will donate the revenue to Big C. We are of course grateful to the Estate for allowing us to use the beautiful grounds and surroundings completely free of charge
Posted by Lesley Cologne on 12/09/2011 14:22
I believe in supporting our local cancer charity Big C, but why do we have to pay a parking fee this year. All the money on that day should go to the Big C. My partner always brings our caravan so he can make me refreshment during the day.
Posted by Liz Staden on 09/09/2011 16:22
Hiya I would love to take part in the cycle ride trying to get hubby along too please send further info if poss ta xxxxx
Posted by jacquie craske on 31/08/2011 15:08
I wish to participate in the cycle ride at Holkhom on 17 September next. Please send further information Sheila Gadsden
Posted by Mrs S A Gadsden on 14/07/2011 12:51

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