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JustGiving site reaches £250,000

Big C have used JustGiving since 2007 and have recently reached £250,000 raised on the site. The site allows people to donate to individual fundraisers running their own events for Big C, or to make a donation straight to Big C. Donating through JustGiving is simple, fast and totally secure. Your details are safe with JustGiving – they’ll never sell them on or send unwanted emails. Once you donate, they’ll send your money directly to Big C. So it’s the most efficient way to donate – saving time and cutting costs for Big C.
Here are some of the stories:
Ollie Blackmore - £15,689.36:

“I achieved a world-first record attempt challenge cycling 2,300km around Vancouver Island solo and unsupported to raise money for Big C! In addition to the many miles, I had to carry all the equipment, food and supplies on the bike.  I was camping throughout the trip and needed to navigate closed roads, through forests, mountains and across rivers and inlets. I was at the mercy of the elements, and storms lash the island from the Pacific Ocean frequently.  To add to the excitement, I was in the wild with black bears, cougars and wolves.”
Jo Samuels and Sarah Morgan - £7,237.00:

Jo – “Eighteen months ago I was diagnosed with cancer. Within three weeks I had had a mastectomy and had begun a rollercoaster of gruelling treatment, both chemotherapy and radiotherapy. As part of my treatment I was referred to the Big C Charity at Norfolk & Norwich hospital to have a wig fitting. Just walking through the door was traumatic - there was no denying I really had cancer. But once inside, the people were wonderful. They allowed me to just 'be' however I needed to be. If I wanted to sit in a corner and cry, that was fine, or if I needed practical information, they could help there too. They also respected that cancer affects the whole family, not just the patient.”

Jo and Sarah trekked the Himalayas for Big C.
Garry Mahn – £1,080.50:

“Last year saw the untimely death of my best mate, Peter Ryan. I had known Peter since the mid-70s when we were both in the Army. Both Peter and I worked in nuclear medicine in the Army's military hospital in London. Nuclear medicine is used to diagnose and monitor the spread of cancers. Ironically both of us have had tumours. My stomach and duodenum were removed seven years ago and I am now "all clear". Peter was diagnosed with a bowel cancer of unknown origin a few years back. He underwent a number of courses of chemotherapy but, as is with these things, the inevitable happened last September 18.”

Garry and his wife Sarah took part in a sky dive to raise money for Big C.
Alasdair Wilcock - £6,005.92:

“Cathy was diagnosed with cancer in early September 2013, and fought well.  She made the most of the time that she had, seeing as many friends as she could, spending the time with her family, and getting out and about to visit her favourite places.  She had great care from the staff at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital and popped in for some much-needed tea and conversation with the super staff at the Big C in the grounds of the hospital.
She ran out of time and passed away peacefully on 18th November 2013.”

Alasdair set up the page to raise money for Big C for the great support they had received as a family.

To read more stories, or to donate, please visit:

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