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Why i'm running #RN17

In 2007 Alison was diagnosed with breast cancer. Although this year sees her 10-year survival milestone, Alison is now reliving her brave ordeal with cancer all over again as her sister Jane, who supported her during her treatment, is going through exactly the same breast cancer journey. Alison told us that she received tremendous support, advice and friendship from the Big C Centre at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital throughout and after her treatment.

To mark Alison’s 10-year anniversary and to support her sister through her current treatments and recovery, she decided to take part in Run Norwich 2017. She took up running as part of her recovery plan after her treatments had finished. Running has been a truly remarkable thing for Alison. Cancer was her “wake up call” and running is not only a healthy way to stay fit but it allows her to trust she’s OK again.
“You have to rebuild your entire life again for yourself. Surviving cancer changes you forever. It’s very nerve-wracking, I still feel anxious about it returning. I haven’t bounced back to how I was by any stretch of the imagination but I’ve found coping strategies. For me, running has been my crutch.
“This is to support my sister and to say a big thank you to the Big C for everything they do for cancer patients in Norfolk and Suffolk and for funding research invaluable to all cancer patients. I’m so happy to be running for the Big C, it makes me feel especially good knowing that the money is being invested locally.”

We'll be sharing more stories with you in the coming months, in the lead up to Run Norwich. 

Pictured above: Alison Jackson (r) and sister Jane (l). Credit Adam Knights Photography
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