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Big C’s Run Norwich Fundraising Total Smashes Expectation

Norfolk’s cancer charity, Big C has received fundraising support topping an incredible £52,000 from this year’s Run Norwich participants.

Dan Bell, Fundraising and Events Manager for Big C said, “We have been stunned by the level of support we have received from those who took part in this year’s Run Norwich 10K. It is amazing to see the dedication people have shown to training for the event itself, which is certainly no ‘walk in the park’ and to fundraising to help those affected by cancer in their local community. We had 210 people running for Big C raising an average of The demand for our services increases every year and such support is vital for us to be able to continue the work we do to support those affected by cancer Every penny they have contributed will make a big difference.”
Big C was one of four official charity partners for the 10K Run Norwich 2017. The others were the race organisers; Community Sports Foundation, SERV Norfolk and Central Norfolk MIND.
Laura Reeve and Jo Sommerville were two runners who decided to support Big C in their fundraising:
Jo Somerville:
"Run Norwich has to be one of the most incredible things I have ever done. When I saw the run last year it seemed wishful thinking to believe I could do it despite my saying that if I was well enough I would. The atmosphere was incredible and though I was running alone I soon found some fellow Big C runners to talk to and two of them ran alongside me the whole way. We were able to encourage and motivate each other and we even held hands crossing the line. At about 6.5 km I thought to myself ‘what have I done!? I am never going to finish this’ but the crowds were brilliant and I soon refocused and got a second wind. My finishing time of 1:27:21 was way beyond my hopes.
Two weeks before the run, I was taken into hospital with a suspected bleed on the brain or meningitis. Scans were done and fortunately it was neither, however two days later I was told a lump had shown up on the scan and I am now awaiting a biopsy/lumpectomy to determine if it is benign or not.
Whatever the outcome is, I will get through it. I am so proud to have raised £575 to date for Big C as my way of saying thank you for the support and to hopefully encourage others to believe there is life beyond a cancerous diagnosis.”
Laura Reeve:
“I was so nervous before the run started but set off at a confident pace. It took a little while to work through the slower runners and get into a good pace but I was doing OK at 5k. A quick glance at my watch and I knew I was close to a PB.

I was doing great until I got into the grounds of the cathedral and at that point, the emotion of the day just caught up with me and I wanted to stop. Caroline Thorpe, my running buddy, grabbed my hand and encouraged me to carry on. I knew that I was close to the Big C cheering point and knew that if I could make it there, that it would give me the boost and encouragement to get to the end. Of course I was right and the supporters were amazing. 
I don't remember much of the race but I started to actually enjoy the last 1k as the crowds we're brilliant. There were lots of high fives and people cheering which really helped. As I turned the corner to see the finish line, I just could not believe that I was nearly there. I cried as I crossed the line but was so proud that I had actually done it and knew that all the training had been worth it! I just hope that I made my Mum and Dad proud and that somewhere they were watching over me and helping me along the way.
I managed to raise just over £1k for the charity. I hope that the money I raised will help many families get through some tough times and that I may in some way have inspired others to take on a challenge for such a good cause! The six million dollar question, will I do it again next year? Only if it's for a charity that I truly believe in! Thank you team Big C for all your support”.
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