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Inspired by the 2017 London Marathon?

We're 1 month closer to the start line of  Run Norwich 2017 , and we've already seen lots of you start your training in readiness for this year's race.

We love seeing how our supporters get prepared for their challenges and events so make sure to tag us into you social media posts, you can find us @bigctweets on Twitter, or @bigccharity on Facebook and Instagram. 

To help you along with your training routine, or, to provide a kick start for those of you who are putting off your first run for just a few more days...we've teamed up with our friends over at Dynamic Fitness in Norwich to provide some great training opportunities in preparation for August, and Ross, Personal Trainer and Managing Director has kindly shared with us his Top 10 Tips for Running. 

Dynamic 5K - test your fitness!
A great opportunity to put your legs to the test is the Dynamic Fitness 5k Norwich race on Sunday 28 May. With the route taking in the surrounding of River Wensum and Norwich Cathedral...and two hill climbs to finish the race, spaces are available for £10 with all proceeds being donated to Big C. To book a place contact Ross Lenton on or call 01603 699976 or click here.

Let's get training!
Here are Ross' Top Ten Tips for running and training, some simple hints and tips to help you push through that running 'wall' and make it to the finish line. 

1. Breathing.
Quite key really. The human body is amazing, and your aerobic energy system will keep supplying oxygen to your muscles. My top tip to my clients is to focus on exhaling - the more air you get out of your lungs, the more air you will get in.

2. Running environment.
There are so many amazing places to run in Norfolk. If you're looking for somewhere flat, then Marriott's Way is a fantastic and quiet place to run. For those seeking hill climbs, then Gas Hill down by Riverside in Norwich is a serious challenge!

3. Running with others.
To help with commitment then it's great to get a friend or two to go out running with you, or join a local running club. At Dynamic Fitness we have two running clubs - Wednesday evenings for intermediate/advanced runners, and Saturday mornings for beginners. This will lead us up to our Dynamic 5K run on 28th May.

4. Your feet.
Listen to your feet. Keep them light, and don't land too heavy. Whether you're a heel or mid-foot striker, make sure you land underneath a flexed knee so you are not over-striding.

5. Your heels.
Flick your heels towards your bum, this will help towards giving you that extra power. I especially see the benefits with this when running downhill; it really gets the hill doing most of the work for you.

6. Your arms.
It's almost impossible to move your arms at a different speed to your legs, so if you find your legs are slowing down then use your arms to maintain your cadence - when your legs are tired your arms can be your secret weapon!

7. Core.
Keep your core tight when you are running to maintain a good posture. Planks are a great way to strengthen your core, which will also protect your lower back from the impact of the running miles.

8. Forward lean.
Have a very slight lean forward (from the hip not the shoulders). This will really help to keep your momentum going.

10. Smile!
Remember that running is a gift. Smile and enjoy it! 

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