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Time for a Spring Clean!

March 20 is officially the first day of Spring. It’s time to shake off winter, throw open the windows and let in fresh air, rid yourself of clutter and all those items lurking at the back of the cupboards and do your bit for charity.

The days will start to get longer and before it gets too tempting and warm to be outside, why not have a good spring clean and have a great de-clutter of all the unwanted, unused and unworn items in the house, garage, shed or office and donate them to Big C.

That’s the word from the new Head of Retail Ashley Bunn at Norfolk’s Cancer Charity.

“We’ve all got things we haven’t worn or used as often as we should,” said Ashley, “so get into  clearing out the children’s clothes they may have grown out of, sort out the shelves of books and clear the kitchen cupboards of unwanted, unmatching china. They can all find a new home through Big C. People are amazed at the unwanted items we can recycle and turn into much needed cash – hollowfill duvets that are washed are deconstructed and made into packs of wading for soft toy making and quilting. We urgently need balls of unused wool from knitting an unfinished sweater, zips, cottons, other aborted tapestry and sewing projects and even curtains or fabrics. Unwanted scraps of material are repackaged by our Wymondham Craft Store and sold for crafting and school projects.

“Furniture can be stripped down and painted to upcycle and give a completely different look. “This year I am challenging you to part with something you love. You hang onto it for this reason, but don’t use it! It may be a handbag, jacket or pair of boots or shoes. Why not get your workplace to do the same as part of a staff donation day – we’ll even come and collect it.”

“Big C’s 10 shops are a valuable part of the charity’s fund-raising. Nearly a third of our income is generated through sales of your unwanted items that become treasures for other people, so every thing you can donate really does count. During this National Spring Cleaning Week (March 14-20), when you are pulling out tables and chairs to clean behind, question if you need to put them back, or you could free up some space and donate them to the furniture emporium at Wymondham. 

Have you replaced the sofa and just left it in a “spare room” meaning to take it away, but never quite got around to it? We can collect that too.


To arrange collection contact the Wymondham distribution Centre on 01953 603320.

To find out more about donating to our shops click here

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