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Grants for the future

Supporting other professionals who are working to help cancer patients takes many forms.

This year Big C has made nearly £1million in research and development grants as we are determined to not just help cancer patients who need us today, using what we know now, but invest into research for the future to help tomorrow’s patients, says deputy CEO Nikki Morris.

“It is one of the reasons that investment into the new Quadram Institute is so important. What will be the largest centre of its type in Europe will develop solutions to worldwide challenges in human diet, food, nutrition and disease.”

In the future, patients’ cells and tissue may be analysed there and then and the most efficient and appropriate treatments provided. Big C will have access to this vital information that could be hugely significant in treating cancer for the future.

“Raising awareness of our grant making capacity and process among the research community is important so everyone from the medical and science schools within the UEA and other institutions across the Research Park have the opportunity to apply for funding. We want to be equitable and fund research of the highest quality,” said Nikki. “During the year we have reviewed our process for grant-making and laid the foundations to bring this area to the fore. Some research will prevent people developing cancers that are aggressive and cost lives, while other will enable improved treatments and care.

This year Big C has allocated funds to five key research projects in to aspects affecting cancer all taking place at the UEA and Institute of Food Research and the results will be reported next year.

Big C has also been increasing its relationship with scientists, through its involvement in activities such as the successful Pint of Science, The Science Festival, and laboratory tours.

Many of the Big C funded PHD students have been seen in and around the city and county encouraging the public to understand more about their work, to look down microscopes and ask questions.

As Norwich becomes more significant nationally and internationally with the growth of the Research Park, Big C is also actively using the intellect of these scientists to enhance it’s decision-making in the services it provides,” said Nikki.

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