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Your fundraising challenges - Pt 1

Every year hundreds of people organise some amazing challenges to raise money to help others affected by cancer. Here we take a look at just a few of those gearing up for their fundraising this summer...

Jo Ivens & Jennifer Brewin – Our "Mighty Ride" for Mum

This summer Jo Ivens and sister Jennifer Brewen will take on a 150mile cycling challenge from London to Norwich to raise money for Big C, in memory of their mother, Christina Crease. They will start at the Leukaemia and Lymphoma Unit at UCL where their mother was treated in 1987, stopping in at Loddon for a celebration welcome back, before carrying on to the finish line at the Big C Centre at the Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital.

Christina was an enthusiastic supporter of Big C since the late 1980’s. Christina was very involved in the village community where she lived in Loddon and organised many fundraising events for Big C. She later also went on to volunteer in the Beccles Big C Shop.

June 2015 will mark the first year since their mother passed away, read below for Jo and Jennifer’s personal story of their mothers journey, and as they look ahead to their fundraising challenge:

“Our Mighty Ride will be a real life cycle journey to reflect our Mum's much tougher patient journey with Lymphoma. Mum was diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma in 1986, and exhausted all the available treatment options at the time before rapidly relapsing. In 1987 she signed up for a clinical trial at the Leukaemia and Lymphoma Unit at University College Hospital in London, which cured her cancer and saved her life. As a result of the pioneering treatment she received, we grew up with a wonderful, caring and creative mum in our lives rather than losing her as children. Unfortunately, in 2010 she was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, which progressed despite excellent care in Norwich, and she passed away on 5th June 2014.
This June it will be one year since Mum died, and we will ride from the Cancer Centre at UCL where she was treated all those years ago, to the Big C centre at the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital. A total of 150 miles, we will ride two 60 mile and one 30 mile days. We are raising money for both units, which fulfil different roles but have both affected our lives. 
Mum supported the Big C ever since her first illness, and organised many fundraising events on their behalf. They provide invaluable support to cancer patients and their carers across Norfolk, funding research, diagnostic equipment as well as a raft of services at their Big C Centres. Here there are support groups, massage therapies and a friendly face at all times. 
We hope that the money we raise will support the invaluable work done at both ends of the Mighty Ride, and allow them to continue to support others as they have done us.”


To visit the MightyRide fundraising page, visit:

Or follow their progress on their MightyRide blog:

Elite Taxis North Walsham - Taking on "The 93 for Big C"

In February 2015, Gareth and Jamie Ducker lost their mum to cancer, just a short 5 weeks after being diagnosed. Now the brothers are taking on a fundraising challenge in memory of Janet. They will be driving to 93 football stadiums across all corners of the United Kingdom in just 80 hours, finishing back at Norwich City Football Stadium.

Before losing his mum, Gareth also faced seeing his wife go through her own cancer journey. In 2012 Lisa, Gareth’s wife, was diagnosed with breast cancer after finding a lump. She went to see her local GP who then referred her to the hospital.

The hospital confirmed it was cancer and estimated it was about the size of a pea. Further tests were done to make sure it hadn’t spread to anywhere else, Lisa then began her course of Chemotherapy, and in the 3 weeks the lump had grown to 7cm.  

Gareth and Lisa spoke to the surgeon regarding removing the lump and he advised double mastectomy, followed by radiotherapy.

Gareth and his wife have 4 children aged (7,5,3,1 at the time). From day 1 Lisa said cancer wouldn’t stop her doing things. Their son started school just 2 days after Lisa’s chemotherapy started, she was determined to make it to the school, and she did.

Both his mother Janet, and Lisa, used to Big C Centre at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital during their treatment - Lisa for the headwear solutions, and Janet for a break away from the hospital environment, for a cup of tea and time to reflect.

Elite Taxis owner, Andy Bales, and Dave Johnson, who lost his mother to cancer last year, will join Gareth and Jamie on their fundraising challenge.

To read a recent article about the fundraising challenge ahead, click here:

They embark on their journey on 27th August 2015, to find out more about their fundraising visit: or call Elite Cabs on 01692 400800.

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