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The Man of Marathon Challenges

David, the Royal fundraiser

Someone keen to put his feet up over Christmas will be the man of a “Year of Marathons” David Royal. When he crossed the finishing line of the Norwich half Marathon last month, the Sprowston man was aching, but relieved to have made about £3K for Big C through running 10 races and cycling two.

It was quite a feat for someone who, although he plays football, had never run a marathon before. “If someone had told me this time last year I would have run three half marathons, I would have laughed at them. But I have found inspiration to do more than I would normally and get out of my comfort zone.

He said he had been amazed by people’s generosity. “I though funds would just come from family and friends, but I have had a single donation from Able Community Care, who mum used to work for, and other people who wanted to support me.”

When his mother Jillian died of cancer he vowed he would raise funds to help other families affected by the disease. ”She would have been proud of me, but probably told me she was worried I was taking things too far!” “But I would do it all again if I could give any family the chance to have their mother live for longer. It was too late for us, but for other families there is hope if there is the money to help. “

He said his fund-raising had been a ray of light in a dark year and pledged that he would not hesitate to take up future challenges to raise funds for Big C. He is even thinking of taking up another Marathon challenge next March.

If you would like to support David, visit

Above: David crossing the finish line of the Larking Gowen City of Norwich Half Marathon, his 12th and final race of 2015.

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