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Runners taking their Big C fundraising overseas.

We are in awe of these next groups of fundraisers taking on a fantastic challenge in aid of Big C. Two groups of runners will be taking their Big C fundraising overseas in the next few days to run for Norfolk's Cancer Charity in the Luxembourg Half Marathon and Stockholm Marathon.

On 30th May the Luxembourg City Half Marathon takes place, and 4 runners will be taking part in memory of Greer Barnes, the mother of Sally who is taking part in the run.

“We had originally planned to run the full marathon in Luxembourg at the end of May. However, due to everything that's happened over the last couple of months, we've downgraded our efforts to the half marathon. 

We have already raised over £700 in memory of Sally L's mum, Greer, who sadly passed away suddenly in March and we'd love to take the total to over £1000. Greer had lots of love and support from The Big C centre in Norwich and we'd like to give something back in her memory.  It's a great place where cancer patients can receive all the help and support they need over a very worrying and stressful time - even if it's just a chat and a cup of tea.”

To support the team in their fantastic fundraising efforts visit
Meanwhile over 800 miles away, the Stockholm Marathon also takes place. Catherine Sawer will be running the distance through the centre of Stockholm in support of her mum who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011.
"Many of you visiting this page will know this story....

In October 2011, my mum got diagnosed with breast cancer. So many people have been where my family were. Being strong my mum went through 18 months of chemo and radiotherapy. Even now she still suffers with some side affects and the odd scare!

My mum acted like chemo was a walk in a park, but being in a family consisting of only girls, the hardest part was perhaps the day my boyfriend Miles had to shave off her hair after a Sunday roast. 

This followed her eye brows disappearing, going on make up sites to get eyebrow stencil shapes, everyone trying on her wigs and steroids making my mum look like the michelin man. 

One charity, which helped her through perhaps the hardest part of her cancer, losing aspects of herself she was not only proud of but made her who she was, was the big C centre at the Norfolk and Norwich hospital. 

I wanted to do something that I would find difficult; a challenge and give back to a charity which has given my mum so much at a time when she had lost a lot. 

Those of you who know me, exercise has never really been my thing and after running a half marathon today, I still pledge it isn't. A good friend and running inspiration, Cassie Till rang me and asked if I fancied running a marathon with her, without much thinking or time to wriggle out of it Cassie had signed us up!

So on the 30th of May, I am going to run the Stockholm marathon."

To support Catherine in her fundraising for Big C you can visit her donation page at:

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