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Thursday Tea At King's Lynn Centre

From 20th March every Thursday afternoon, 1-3pm, at the Big C centre in King’s Lynn will hold a tea, cake and chat get together. 
Whether you've used our Centre before or not, patients, carers, relatives and friends can gather to talk about their cancer, their treatment and their survival.  The topics of conversation can also range from the weeks events in the news, personal circumstances and relationships. 
The one thing they will all have in common apart from being affected by cancer is that they will come to relax, meet friends, people in similar situations and laugh.  Cancer is not all doom and gloom.

Thursday Tea can help make a difference, you will feel you are not alone and when you arrive you will be greeted with a smile and a warm welcome from all the staff and volunteers.

Visit our King's Lynn page for more information or to contact the Centre.
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