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Local supporters take to the skies in aid of Norfolk cancer charity.

Over 60 Big C supporters took part in the BIG JUMP sponsored skydive event on Sunday, raising in the region of £20,000 for Big C!
On Sunday 22nd June, we held our first BIG JUMP Sponsored Skydive event that saw over sixty people take part in tandem skydives to raise money for the charity.


Around 60 jumpers decided to set aside their fears and jumped out of a plane for charity, with around 400 friends and family coming along on the day to support them. After an initial safety briefing, the skydivers started to jump. There were emotional hugs and supportive smiles all round as many were jumping in memory or support of a loved one with cancer.
So far the total raised from the jump looks to be in the region of around £20,000, and sponsorship is still coming in. This will go a long way to support people affected by cancer in Norfolk and Waveney. 
Big C’s Community Fundraising Manager, Diane said:
“It’s the first event like this we’ve done on this scale, so thank you to everyone for their support of the jump, and great fundraising efforts. It was a really fun and happy day, a wonderful atmosphere, and so nice to see so many people come together and supporting the charity. They’ve all raised such a lot of money and we can’t be more thankful”
Kyle Hussey, age 26 from Caister-On-Sea took part in the event. He said
“I was one of the first people to jump for Big C, I absolutely loved it. The experience is something I will cherish for many years to come, the rush of the free fall and the relaxing glide back down to earth once the parachute has opened. Not only was it the most exhilarating experience but it was also for a very good cause. Without the support of BIG C to cancer patients and their families, many of them would give up. That is why I decided to sign up to the sponsored jump. Big C and the guys at UK Parachuting arranged an awesome day with live music and a friendly atmosphere with everyone routing for each other. I would most definitely do it again in the future" 
Michaela Ranger also took part. She said:
What an amazing experience it is to do a Parachute jump, the feeling off pure elation as we sat at the edge of the plane.... Wow, what an experience.... One that I would like to repeat in the near future.... Makes it a lot more worthwhile to do it for a great charity like Big C....”

Also taking part was our very own CEO and Deputy CEO Daniel & Nikki. As well as local news presenter Susie Fowler-Watt! 

Susie Fowler-Watt taking part in the Big Jump

To see more photos from the event head over to our Facebook page:

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