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Building work progresses at the Norwich Research Park

Work is going well at the new Norwich Medical Research Building, the project that Big C has given £250,000 to.The Norwich Medical Research Building will focus on finding treatments for many age-related diseases including cancer, antibiotic resistance, gastro-intestinal and musculo-skeletal diseases. Biopsies will be taken from patients at the NNUH in Norwich and the JPUH in Great Yarmouth and used in translational research, where research based on real life patients is translated into revolutionary trials and treatment. After initial research on the biopsy, it may be possible for doctors to advise patients on the best forms of treatment specific to their cancer.

Big C CEO Daniel Williams and Deputy CEO Nikki Morris had a tour of the site this week to see how work was progressing.

Concept Drawing of the Atrium inside the Building. Picture Credit: HawkinsBrown

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