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Big C Lab Tours

Come and see the vital research your donations are funding!

At Big C we fund world class research into cancer, right here on your doorstep.  Our lab tours offer you the chance to see some of this science in action at the University of East Anglia.  You can find out first-hand about some of the projects Big C scientists are working on and see equipment that your donations have paid for.

Before we begin: a presentation explaining some of the research being done

The tour lasts about 2 hours, and afterwards there are refreshments available and a chance to ask further questions.  In addition to the UEA scientists, there is a staff member from Big C on hand to help guide the group and answer any queries about the charity.

We get a closer look at some cancer cells

Big C volunteer Helen said:
“As a volunteer and fundraiser it’s always good to see where my money is going, and it’s fascinating to meet the scientists and be given an insight into what they do.  I was worried about being overwhelmed with technical language but everything was explained on a level we could understand.”

A peek over the shoulder as cell samples are being prepared

If you are interested in joining one of our lab tours, contact Diane at Head Office on 01603 619900 or email  Places are limited, so you may need to book ahead.
You can also find more information about some of the research projects we have funded in the research section of our website.
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