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Teenage and Young Adults Support Group Anniversary

The Teenage and Young Adult Cancer Support Group has now been running for 1 year and is the most successful in the region.

Big C's Teen & Young Adult Cancer Support Group has had a very successful first year. The group is aimed at those aged between 16 and 25 who have, or have had, cancer and is led by trained professionals. Guest visitors are often brought in to address common issues and the topics of discussion are decided by the group. The sessions run for two hours on the 2nd Wednesday of every other month at the Big C Centre in the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, and every third session, members are allowed to bring a guest with them. 

The group is very well attended and has a regular group of 15 members which is especially high considering they are not all treated in Norwich. Some members of the group are travelling to these sessions from Cromer and Ipswich. The best attended meeting had over 20 members present.

The aim is to provide social support to young people who are going through, or have been through cancer to enhance their quality of life. This is done through support, education and providing members with people their age in a similar situation. By sharing personal experiences with one another, members are able to help those around them by providing hope and encouragement to their peers.

The first year anniversary was held on the 24th May as a Family Day and was attended by individuals and their families. Those who attended said the day was a great experience.

Big C hope to continue improving the lives of these Teens and Young Adults in the next year.

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