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World record charity skydive attempt

UK parachuting centre attempts world record
UK Parachuting based in Beccles, Suffolk, is attempting to break the world record for the most tandem 
skydives in a 24 hour period. The huge charity event is to be held at the companyís Suffolk drop zone on 
Saturday 28th September this year.
Jason Thompson, joint owner or the company said, "Although we are a commercial organisation, we 
recognise that many people who wish to skydive do so whilst raising funds for charity. We have come 
together on this day to offer both local and national charities the opportunity to raise funds and 
awareness for their cause and what better way than by breaking a skydiving world record."
The company, established in 1986 now has two drop zones, one near Peterborough and the other close 
to Norwich. It grown every year since moving from its original Ipswich location and the two centres 
currently provided over 7000 tandem skydives for anyone 16 and above. Indeed, one brave passenger 
was 92.
"More and more people are looking for lifetime experiences and if they can combine this with raising 
money for charity they are even more enthusiastic and committed", Thompson commented. "Currently 
around 50-60% of those having a tandem skydive at our centres choose to do it for their nominated 
charity which is amazing. We therefore decided for this one day to concentrate all our efforts on 
charitable causes. How hard can it be to make sure the record stays in the UK?", he said.
"Many people who first enquire are a little anxious to say the least.", said Jude Pontais, the company's 
Charity Co-ordinator, "After all, opening the door of an airplane at over two miles above the ground, 
jumping out into thin air and then falling at over 120 miles per hour is not exactly a natural thing to do 
for most people!", she suggested. "Although it is one of those things many people say they want to do 
in their life, they often find reasons not to do it at the time. As an added incentive we want those people 
to jump for charity and to overcome their fear by doing it for others as well as themselves. Last year the 
company helped raise over £350,000 for charities from the large well know organisations to the very 
small. To do this and to smash the world record would be a great achievement for all those involved.", 
she said.
The event which starts 'very early' on the 28th of September will be running for the whole day and as 
well as participants, spectators are also encouraged to attend.
It will be a day to remember for all the family. Other entertainments and catering will be available on 
the day.
For further details see the company's web site at or phone 01502 476 112.
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