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Balloon landing gets Big C a surprise donation!

On Wednesday evening, Robert, a Breckland Balloons Pilot launched from Earlham Park, adjacent to the University in Norwich.  It was a lovely flight in perfect conditions.  The wind took them gently over the city and out towards the Norfolk Broads.  At 2,000 feet the views were stunning.  They could see the wash and all the way down the Suffolk coastline to Ipswich.

They flew directly over Wroxham Broad and then started to look for a field to land in.  As the balloon goes with the wind it is not possible to have a scheduled landing site.  Just to the north of Hoveton they landed the Virgin Balloon in a field that had been harvested, always taking great care with the field they land in, making sure it has no crop or livestock in.  

The crew always approach the land owner to ask permission to retrieve the balloon.  This evening the farmer was a Mr Nick Dean of Bure Farm Hoveton.  He had no issues with them landing there and was certainly not interested in any money for himself,  however he did ask if they would donate some money to Big C as it is such a worthy charity.  Mr Deans staff were very courteous and assisted the crew in packing up the balloon.  They celebrated the flight with a glass of champagne or two, such a lovely end to the evening.

Thank you Mr Nick Dean and thank you Breckland Balloons for the donation of £50!

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