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Stories of real life people who have battled cancer or cared for a loved one are vital to Big C. Firstly, it helps us understand what kind of help people need from us. And secondly, it helps potential donors understand what we're doing to help. 

It's only with stories such as Alyson's (below) that people can truly understand the impact that cancer has on a family. If people understand the impact they're more likely to want to help.

Can you help us by telling your cancer story? Whatever your story, we'd love to hear from you. We promise not to put it anywhere you'd prefer it not to be (some people are happy to be in Big C literature but would prefer not to be in the paper). Others are happy to tell their story everywhere! We get such great reponses from real life stories and you'd feature on our website as well. 

If you're interested call 01603 619900 and ask to speak to Libby or email

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