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Robert’s talk on Congo trip

When Robert Chalmers saw a company called Wild Frontiers was offering a trip down the Congo, he had no hesitation in placing a deposit. His fascination with Africa made it a trip he couldn’t miss.
In February 2011 he was diagnosed with a carcinoma in his left leg, but he didn’t let that stop him. He was operated on in April and had radiotherapy until August - and four weeks later he flew to Africa.  
The Foreign and Commonwealth Office advises travellers against visiting the Congo - and eastern Congo in particular - due to continuing unrest. Robert had a unique opportunity to visit towns, schools, hospitals and markets and see something of what life is like in this beautiful yet troubled country.
As part of the trip he decided to fundraise and raised £1,200 for Big C, as well as funds for other charities.
He is giving a Royal Geographical Society talk about his Congo trip next Thursday (2 February), and will be showing pictures taken on his travels.  The evening will be at the Assembly Rooms in Norwich. It starts at 7.30pm and admission is £3.
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