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Here comes the bride!

It is a look more often associated with church porches and wedding cake than buses and city centre shops.
But on Saturday (April 28) Theresa Webster, manager of the Big C bridal shop on Timberhill, will be treating passengers on the Thickthorn Park and Ride, and shoppers in Norwich City Centre, to a full bridal outfit.
Theresa will be raising money and promoting the Timberhill shop by wearing a wedding dress and all the accessories for the day, from the moment she leaves home in Costessey in the morning to her return in the evening.
During the course of the day she will be completing 10 challenges around Norwich city centre, set by volunteers from the bridal shop. She will not be told what these are until the day.
Theresa said: “I will have a few bridal party attendees with me taking part and the look will be Miss Havisham-esque. I don’t know yet exactly what the volunteers are planning for me to do - they have been very good at keeping it a secret. I’m a little apprehensive.
 “Big C’s Timberhill shop has a floor dedicated to selling bridal and occasion-wear. We would be delighted to hear from anyone who has any wedding dresses, ballgowns and accessories to donate.”
To support Theresa please log on to or drop in to the Timberhill shop.
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