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Give a gift to Norfolk this Christmas

Most of us love Christmas. It's a time for giving and spending time with those you love. Most of us also struggle with the idea of not spending that time with those we love. 

Have you considered the idea of giving a gift to Big C this Christmas? Giving a gift, however big or small, helps us do the work that people need so much to help them cope when life is feeling unbearable. To help them get treated in a hospital closer to home rather than having to travel away from their support networks for treatment. And to help them hope for better treatments in the future, with the help from vital research being carried out right here, in the heart of Norfolk.

You can give all of that to people locally by deciding to donate today. Or by having a pre-Christmas clear out and donating your finds to one of our nine shops. Or you may want to donate any unwanted Christmas presents to our shops to help us turn them into something you really want.

However you decide to give, thank you from everyone in Norfolk and Waveney. We hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

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