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Crawl a mile and raise a smile

Calling all nurseries, pre-school groups and primary schools - Big C is looking for little ones (and big ones) who want to hold a Caterpillar Crawl.
This fun way to raise money for a good cause happens every year. We are looking for as many people to join in as possible and hold sponsored crawls to raise money.
It’s easy to organise - pick a date and then use Big C’s Crawl Pack to cram your event full of fun ideas.
Lesley Cologne, community fundraising manager for Big C, said: “We would love to hear from anyone who wants to organise a Caterpillar Crawl and raise a smile for Big C.
“It’s a chance to have fun, do some healthy physical exercise and raise funds for a good cause at the same time.”
Big C’s official Caterpillar Crawl week is 23 to 29 April - but if you want to hold your crawl another week which suits you better, just let us know.
If you are organising a crawl within your nursery or group, you can donate all the funds raised to us or keep up to 25pc of the money to fund a project of your own.
For more information and to get a Crawl Pack, call Big C’s community fundraisers Rachel Francis and Diane Northway on 01603 619900, or email them on
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