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Closer to you

We're launching a new appeal called Closer to You. This appeal will see a string of new Big C Centres opening across Norfolk & Waveney, the first being in Great Yarmouth. 

Cancer patients and their families have been telling us for years that they'd love to be able to use the support at the Big C Centre in Norwich but find it difficult to get there if they live much outside of Norwich or aren't using that hospital. We listened, and are bringing the Big C Centre to you - on the high street, closer to where you live.

The new Centre in Great Yarmouth is going to be attached to the already established charity shop at 33 Regent Street.  Cancer patients and their families will be able to make use of support groups, information, welfare advice, counselling, advice and proper cups of tea - all for free, as we plan to pay for it from donations raised by the Closer to You appeal. 

But we can't do all these amazing things without help from you. We so much want to see Centres in Great Yarmouth, Kings Lynn and more places but need help to do that. We were delighted to get a grant from NHS Norfolk of £32,500 to help with the refurbishment of the shop for this Centre - the rest we need to pay for ourselves. We need to raise £1,000,000 between 2012 and 2013 to get this project off the ground (£400,000 this year and £600,000 next), keep it going and start up centres all around Norfolk and Waveney; bringing this support closer to you - can you help? 

Click here to donate, and to help get a Centre closer to you. (Please tell us your reason for donating in the box).

Any money we raise beyond the £1,000,000 will go directly towards running costs for Great Yarmouth and the Closer to You project in general - so more Centres, more support for people with cancer, closer to you.

Have a look at the centre so far:

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