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Cancer support in Great Yarmouth

The new Big C Centre has had doors open for a few weeks now and support for patients and their families is growing.

Would you or someone you know find the Welfare Advice service helpful? Our trained specialist can help with all practical and money related issues you may be having and help you with insurance, grants, tax credits, employment issues, benefits and more. 

Yoga and massage are two of the best ways to relax, and relaxation is so important for both carers and patients. Yoga and massage sessions will be starting soon - just call the Centre to book. Classes are open to cancer patients and their families.

Many people have the traumatic experience of losing their hair when undergoing treatent for cancer. Our headscarf tying workshops are perfect for learning to tie beautiful headscarves in special ways and help you accesorise and fit in with your personal style. Call the Centre and book your place. They will be running once a month.

All of this is free, thanks to donations from local people and businesses in Norfolk and Waveney. Call 01493 855 297.
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I guess lots of people feel a similar way, which is why Big C is so great - we support and help treat ANY cancer, wherever or whatever it is, all over Norfolk and Waveney.
Posted by Admin on 17/12/2012 10:52
I encountered a man in a check-out line one day a few years back, and the cashier asked him if he'd like to donate to the breast cancer charity. He said no with a stern look on his face. He continued with the remark that he had prostate cancer and the breast cancer foundation wouldn't help him one bit. Yikes,
Posted by Donate to cancer on 14/12/2012 16:27

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