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Big C's in a Jubilant mood!

Here at Big C, we love a bit of a party. Her Majesty's Diamond Jubilee is coming up and we'll be celebrating - what will you be doing?

Perhaps you're having a street fair? Or a party at home? Perhaps you're organising something in your town or village? Whatever you're doing, would you consider holding a collection tin for Big C there? It's very little work for you and would help Big C be at lots of parties across Norfolk and Waveney!

Every single penny counts. If you're interested, call us at the office on 01603 619900 or email

Enjoy the holiday, fingers crossed we'll get the sun back!

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Good luck with the street party fundraising. Goodness knows England throws some excellent parties in their streets. Catherine
Posted by Catherine on 31/05/2012 18:38

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