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Big C Centre Yarmouth's gone all hairy!

The staff at our new Big C Centre in Great Yarmouth had a little moustache day as an homage to Movember and raised a not too shabby £70. Good for them! Check out their tache-tastic pics! Thanks to everyone who donated their cash!

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Which is why we all need to pull together and raise money to help fight cancer in our communities.
Posted by Admin on 17/12/2012 10:55
If there's one illness all human beings should fear, it's cancer. If there's one health affliction all human beings should investigate and become more aware of, it's cancer. This is one of the most dismal health issues we know of, and folks die from it every day. Now, this is not good news.
Posted by Donate to cancer on 14/12/2012 16:14

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