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Families staying together during treatment

Closer and better care for lung cancer patients

Together we’ve helped buy an Endobronchial Ultrasound machine used to treat people with lung cancer at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital.


Instead of our loved ones having to go through an invasive operation, a thin bronchoscope and ultrasound probe is used instead; meaning it’s less traumatic and recovery is quicker.


Perhaps most importantly, this equipment gives us the local care families need; those of us needing treatment in Norfolk & Waveney can use Norwich Hospital, instead of having to go all the way to Papworth Hospital in Cambridgeshire, as they do currently. So many of us still have to travel for treatment – now, because of us and Big C, treatment is on our doorsteps meaning our loved ones are close by when they’re staying in hospital.


Increasing the effectiveness of treatment in Norfolk & Waveney

Thank you for helping Big C fund stereotactic radiotherapy at Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital. This project means the radiotherapy our loved ones have to undergo can now be extremely precise in its targeting of tumours, hugely increasing the chances of control or cure and the likelihood that the whole tumour is removed. Being so targeted also means reducing the risk of destroying healthy cells. 


It is currently most effective in its treatment of brain tumours, lung cancer and brain metastases (the spread of disease to another organ) but Big C hope it will soon be used for other tumours.

To read about other equipment Big C has bought, click here.

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